Man Overboard

We supply a range of man overboard equipment see below:

Horse Shoe Buoy with light and pushput bracket, also available as buoy alone

XM Oscar Rescue Sling
The Oscar rescue sling has 45 metres of extra flexible floating rope and a super soft chest belt for comfort. All packed in a deployment case with simple easy to read instructions printed on the side. Attaches to the pushpit via buckles and straps on the back.


XM Quickline
20 metres of 6mm floating line secured to a weighted floating bag. Designed for rapid rescue and recovery of persons in the water. Ideal for RIBS, canoes and dinghies

Ring Lifebuoys
Available in 60 or 75cm diameter with or without throw lines


PLASTIMO Inflatable personal dan buoy manual activation

In the event of a man overbooard, the victim activates the inflation manually by pulling the toggle. The inflated dan buoy increases considerably the visibility of the victim.
To be attached to a belt (on foul weather gear or lifejacket).
Dan buoy in neon yellow nylon, polyurethane coated.
Height above water when inflated : 1.80 m.
Equipped with :
-red and yellow flag (21 x 14 cm),
-retro-reflective tapes,
-oral inflation tube,
-light (option).
Comes in a PVC pouch with belt attachment.
Dimensions (in pouch)  :
11 x 14 x 7 cm, without light,
11 x 16 x 8 cm, with light.


PLASTIMO- Telescopic IOR Dan buoy

Ergonomic design and superior stability.
Complies with the ISAF/ORC racing regulations.

Features :
• 1 fibreglass telescopic dan buoy with 1/4 twist fastening.
• 1 ergonomic and shockproof cylindrical PVC floatation buoy (height 360 mm, Ψ 180 mm/80 mm).
• 1 man-over-board red and yellow flag 450 x 350 mm.
• 3 m of floating rope to attach to a lifebuoy.
• 1built-in st. steel ballast.
• 1clip and lanyard to keep the flag rolled up.

To obtain a Dan buoy with light, simply add the optional light kit. When fitted, light is situated 2.30 m above the waterline. Powered by a 9 V battery.
When the Dan buoy is thrown into the water, the lanyard detaches the clip from the light, which then activates automatically the light.
To fit the light to the Dan buoy, simply push the bayonet fitting into the top of the Dan buoy.
Height Height above water
extended telescoped
3.52 m
(3.64 m with optional light kit)
1.95 m
(2.07 m with optional light kit)
2.30 m
(2.42 m with optional light kit)


Seago Inflatable Danbuoy
A rapid deployment marker buoy in a cylindrical container, the Seago-Buoy is a gas inflated danbuoy with an automatic light, flag, whistle, reflective tape and a drogue. The Seago-Buoy stands to a height of 1.8m above the waterline. The container the buoy comes in can be rail-mounted with the brackets included.

For re-arming please use the Seago ‘Manual’ re-arming kit.


We also sell a range of Droges and Sea Anchors
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