Bilge Pumps

Whale Manual Bilge Pumps

Gusher Urchin:


Whale Gusher Urchin
Compact bilge and waste water transfer pump


Compac 50:

Compac 50
Low profile underdeck bilge pump


MK5 Pump:

Mk 5 Universal
Versatile bilge and water transfer pump


Gusher 10:

Whale Gusher 10
Diecast alloy bilge pump


Electric Bilge Pumps:

Rule 360

The Rule 360 provides outstanding quality and value. It is economically priced and designed for small boats. 3/4" (19mm) discharge outlet. 12 Volts DC.  ALSO AVAILABLE AS A PACK WITH FLOAT SWITCH.


Rule 500

The Rule 500 offers many design features while keeping size and cost to a minimum. Especially popular on smaller craft, Rule 500 pumps are unmatched in pumping power and longevity. 3/4'' (19mm) discharge outlet. 12 Volts DC


Rule Mate 500 and 750


Rule's 500 and 750 G.P.H. Pumps offer increased capacity in keeping with it's 3/4" (19mm) discharge outlet. 12 Volts DC unless noted.



Rule 2000 Automatic


Engineered to commercial standards. The Rule 2000 is the best selling high capacity submersible bilge pump in the world. 1-1/8" (28.6mm) discharge outlet. 12 Volts DC.  THIS PUMP IS COMPUTERIZED SO IT DOES NOT REQUIRE A FLOAT SWITCH.


Water Pumps

We also stock a range of inline and submersible pumps suitable for pumping fresh/raw water and diesel

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